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A Big thanks to you people, who have developed this product. My Windows XP Media Center OS was infected with Win32.Renos, Backdoor, XPAntivirus, Xta.kill trojans, spyware as I use rapidshare links a lot. I have licensed McAfee, which is good for nothing and was unable to protect my laptop from these malwares. I tried trial version of Bit Defender, Sunbelt Spyware, Claim Win, A-Squared, but they were unable to do a complete detection and removal of malwares. Exterminate listed all the malwares and registry changes done by them, like task manager, registry edit was disabled. I bought a single PC license, activated, scanned my system thrice and my system is now free from all malwares and viruses and running absolutely fine. I still have to use Mcafee as I have a licensed version but buying Exterminate IT is a worth of £20 spent on it. I will recommend this to everyone who use P2P sites or rapidshare or torrents. Now, I dont have to worry about any malware as I have Exterminate in my system.

Rajkumar P.
Feb 25, 11:21 pm

Why Exterminate It! Website Is Marked as Untrustworthy?


Some of our customers noticed that Exterminate It! web site appeared at McAfee’s siteadvisor.com site and Web Of Trust mywot.com site. We checked this information and were surprised when we found that our web site is marked as untrustworthy. So we decided to investigate this issue.

We reviewed the comments that people leave at siteadvisor.com and mywot.com (surely useful) security sites. Most of those who commented about our web site, stated that it contains “malicious content, viruses” (mywot.com) or “adware, spyware, or viruses” (siteadvisor.com). We are absolutely sure that these people did not download or install the Exterminate It! application to check its’ functionality. It seems that they did not even read what McAfee says about the downloadable software that is hosted by and/or directly linked to our web site.

Exterminate It! executable is safe!

Take a look at the “Download tests” section of the McAfee’s siteadvisor.com site. All downloads are green! They’ve checked 32(!) executable files from our web site. Most of them are different versions of the Exterminate It! application. Their conclusion is: “In our tests, we found downloads on this site were free of adware, spyware, and other potentially unwanted programs.” No comments…

Also, Exterminate It! is presented on many respectable distribution web sites like download.com or download.cnet.com, where software is carefully checked prior to uploading.

False positives ? No!

A few people stated that Exterminate It! is malware because it makes false-positive detections. Well, using such logic, we can say that Kaspersky or Norton Antivirus are malware as well. Because ALL anti-spyware tools make false-positive detections periodically. Even the best of them. Unfortunately, false-positive detections are inevitable in our work.

What is false-positive detection? The term false positive is used when antimalware software erroneously classifies an innocuous file as malware. The incorrect detection may be due to heuristics or to an incorrect malware signature in a database.

How false positives happen

Let’s see how that may happen. For example, if a trojan (call it TerribleTrojan) installs some Dynamic Link Library (call it aaa.dll) among other files, than during analysis aaa.dll will be treated as a part of that trojan and a new entry will be added to the detection database. After that, if aaa.dll will be detected at another computer, then the user will be notified that its’ computer is infected with TerribleTrojan. But trojans are programs and they (like any program) can use absolutely harmless libraries and files for their own purposes. If aaa.dll is harmless and legitimate, then such cases will be treated as false-positive detection.

What will happen next? People, who know that aaa.dll is harmless (for example, its’ developers), will notify us and aaa.dll will be removed from our detection database. That is how it works.

We suppose that people who “blamed” Exterminate It! in false-positive detections, cannot distinguish “false-positive detections” from “fake detections”. Fake detections are tactics, which are used by rogue anti-spyware to scare the user, and trick him into purchasing the product. Rogue anti-malware “detects” non-existent items or creates files randomly and then detects them. Such items are showed to the user as trojans and spyware.

Exterminate It! reputation

Exterminate It! has been present on the market for more than 2 years. It is used by thousands of people. Exterminate It! can cope with spyware removal in many cases where other brands of antivirus/antimalware cannot. Such successful results are not accessible with “false-positive detections” and/or “fake detections” alone. Anyone who has used Exterminate It! software knows that.

We have never used false-positive detections as a marketing tactics to boost sales. Furthermore, each customer, who is not satisfied with the Exterminate It! software, can get their money back.

Host-file.net issue

What else? Someone said that Exterminate It! web site is “rogue security, fake antivirus distribution site” because it is listed at hosts-file.net. The owner of the hosts-file.net listed our web site based on its own personal opinion after arguing on one of the anti-malware forums. He has alleged that our product is “rogue” because it does not have a trial version. First of all however, we can provide anyone with a free one week trial code, i.e. anyone have possibility to check full Exterminate It! software functionality free of charge. Just contact our support first. Additionally, a free trial version of the Exterminate It! software will be available soon to the public. So, the reason of the listing is questionable.

Phishing? No!

Also, some comments blame Exterminate It! web site in phishing. This is absolute nonsense! What is “phishing”? Phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. The Exterminate It! web site does NOT process Credit Cards. All sales are made through the RegNow Affiliate Network. All payments are processed by the RegNow as well. RegNow is a big trustworthy and legitimate service provider. Even the world’s leading multi-national companies with some of the Internet’s biggest brands use RegNow services. Exterminate It! web site does not collect any confidential or sensitive data, therefore phishing fraud is impossible. So, the people who talk about phishing in regards to the Exterminate It! web site, are absolutely in error and do not understand what “phishing” means.

What other things are people concerned about? They don’t like, for example, that exterminate-it.com’s domain name is registered with so called whois protection. Whois protection is a legitimate service provided by web hosting, which allows to hide personal details listed in the WHOIS database from the public eye and thus protects identity from any type of online/offline abuse. Everyday, domain owner’s information is harvested by spammers from publicly available WHOIS database to send spam. We think that anyone has the right to protect their own identity information such as E-mail address, phone number, mailing address, etc. This is not a crime. Many respectable sites are protected by whois protection. On the contrary side, most criminals do not use whois protection – they just use false data for domains registration.


Well, it seems that we reviewed all the most popular “sins” of our web site. Of course, we do not pay attention to the various innocuous statements like “Looks very suspicious!” :) If our web site looks “very suspicious”, than hundreds of millions of web sites over the World look “very suspicious” as well.

Unfortunately, the reason of these attacks on the Exterminate It! web site and about Exterminate It! software are not understandable and cannot be rationally explained. Perhaps it may be some kind of paranoia, because of so much malware and scams all around the Internet. But most likely, the negative feedback is a result of unfair competition from our competitors. If it is true then we are proud that “big players” of the anti-spyware market consider us as a worthy competitor and a threat to their business. It means that we produce competitive, high quality software products.
We are trying to compete in a natural way: by improving our product, integrating newer functionality and by providing additional protection instead of using fake users to provide negative feedback about a competitors product.

Negative feedback could also be generated by malware-creators, trying to protect their “children” at any cost.

If you installed Exterminate It! software and found it useful or if you are already our customer and satisfied with our product, then we ask you to visit siteadvisor.com and/or mywot.com sites and vote for the exterminate-it.com web site.

Thank you

Note to other antimalware product creators
let’s compete in a normal way: by improving our antimalware products, including newer functionality. The use of fake comments from fake users is always a poor substitute for product quality.