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Known threats:700,086 Last Update:March 16, 12:51


Exterminate it! Has ultimately eliminated Trojan Vundo at last. It's ability of eliminating virus was way beyond what I have expected, and way beyond some of the other programs I've used.

Dominik M.

Codec Websites

Codec websites are ones that spread trojans in the guise of video codecs

Such websites are promoted through forum posts, blog comments, message boards or any other web pages that allow free, unprotected submission of text. Another method of codec websites' promotion is using doorway pages that redirect the user.

Hundreds of one-page doorway websites can be used as jump-bridges that usually lead to the same target website. If a web server is hacked, such doorway pages can be placed on the web server even without the webmaster's knowledge. The user can come across a codec website in the search engine results due to the use of this aggressive type of promotion.

Usually, a codec website looks like a list of videos similar to YouTube. When the user tries to play a video, a message box appears. It informs the user that a required video codec is missing and the user needs to download and install it.