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Exterminate It is just a superior product. I was having all kinds of problems with Zlob.Fam, MyWebSearch and TrojanSpy.Win32.DKS. Even Norton could not get rid of them. I tried all knids of ways to get rid of them and nothing worked. This save me so much time and as well as reformatting and recovering my PC.
Thank you so much and I will reccommend your product to all of friends.

Mark K.

Sitepedia: Malware Sites Encyclopedia

Malicious Websites Classification

Malicious websites can be classified by the type of their content, as well as by the source from which the visitor was redirected to them.

Classification by Content Type^

This type of classification provides answers to the following questions: what kind of content is presented on the website? What methods of interaction are used? What is the purpose of the website?

  1. Websites, containing malicious or unwanted software: websites that contain potentially unwanted software, malware distribution websites, warez or crack websites.
  2. Codec websites: websites that spread trojans in the guise of video codecs.
  3. Rogue software home websites: "official" websites of rogue software.
  4. Fake scanner websites: websites that imitate the computer scanning process.
  5. Fraudulent, scam or phishing websites: websites that trick the visitor into doing something that brings money to the website owners.

Classification by Source^

This type of classification answers the question: "How did the visitor reach this website?"

  1. Hijacked browser: the Web browser is infected by some malicious software that forces the user into visiting unwanted websites.
  2. Popup windows: windows, displaying advertisements that can be generated by trojans or malicious websites.
  3. Advertisements on some websites: banners or links placed on various sites.
  4. Search engine results list: the results, produced by legitimate search engines.

The number of the malicious websites is continually growing, so it is very important that you use proper malware detection software, such as Exterminate It!

You can prevent your web browser from visiting a malicious website by modifying the Windows HOSTS file manually.

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