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I managed to get my main PC infected by the Koobface virus. I put up with it's constant interruptions as it presented me with the fake virus screens offering to correct the problems for me. This continued for a couple of days. I ran both SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware several times and neither of them cleaned my PC of this irritating virus. Then I found your Exterminate It! product and decided to give it a chance to succeed where my other attempts had failed.
I was blown away by the speed your scan runs, and once it identified the virus, I would have been crazy not to buy the product and let it really exterminate my pc of this virus.
I'm very pleased with your software and I'm so thankful I found it. You've saved me hours of time, effort and frustation.

There are so many companies offering software that promises to clean viruses, but I'm thrilled to find one that actually keeps it's promise.

Thank you!

Sheila M.

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Exterminate It! is a powerful antimalware solution that will keep your Internet-connected PC or notebook malware-free with ease. Personal Updates and a huge malware database will help you stay protected.

Feel the meaning of Real Personal Protection with the “Submit State” feature — the fastest possible responder to malware threats. You will get a database update containing a remedy for your specific malware problems within 24 hours!

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