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Known threats:700,086 Last Update:March 16, 12:51


In recent weeks, my computer has been infected with malware and adware that just would not quit. A*G G*****t failed to remove them. S****t just froze up. Another anti-virus program just sat there and looked at me. So I purchased Exterminate It! This was the only anti-virus program I could find that would recognize and remove particularly pesky viruses from my computer. But even more impressive, they allow subscribers to send in descriptions of new viruses they encounter, and they will design a way to remove the virus and send out to you an update. I submitted the description of a virus to them, and a couple of days later they sent to me an update that cleanly removed it. If you run into viruses that just won't quit, give this anti-virus program a try. It's cheap and removes the viruses that the other anti-virus programs can't touch for some reason.


Brother Mel

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This Privacy Policy applies to CurioLab’s Exterminate It! web site (further referred to as “Site”) and Exterminate It! software (further referred to as “Software”).

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Exterminate It! Software

The Software does not send any private information to the Site.

Only the following information is sent to the Site:

  • Activation code generated during the activation process
  • A list of malware found during a virus scanning process (sent for statistical purposes)
  • A system snapshot during the uninstall process (sent for detection improving purposes)
  • A system snapshot when the “Submit State” feature was used
    Please note that a system snapshot includes NO private information.

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