Exterminate It! Antimalware


Known threats:700,086 Last Update:March 16, 12:51


Dear Matt and Exterminate it,

Thank you so much. This seems to have fixed the problem. Wow. That virus was in there pretty deep. A*G didn't even identify it. S****t would just freeze up when I tried to run it. But the update from Exterminate It, removed it.

Again, thanks.

Kind Regards,
Rev. Mel C. Montgomery

Brother Mel


A hoax is a fake warning about presence of viruses or other malware on a user’s computer. Typically, a hoax is spread in the form of an e-mail message warning the reader of new dangerous viruses and inducing the recipient to forward the message to others. Hoaxes themselves do little harm, but their distribution often causes fear and uncertainty among users.