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I have had major computer issues in the last week. I was infected with the Darksma and Vundo downloader trojans. After researching the net for possible solutions, i found they are extremely difficult to remove. I tried a variety of spyware removal tools to no avail. To do it manually is near on impossible.
The symptoms are, computer runs slow, constant ad pop ups, hijacking of emails, theft of information and locking of a variety of functions.
I then found buried deep in a google search a link to Exterminate It. After reading it, I downloaded to do a free scan and a lot of stuff no other spyware had found showed up. So i went searching the locations and sure enough the files where there on my system. I tried removing them with no luck. So i spent the $25 usa to activate.
It removed all but 4. I was disappointed that the Trojans once again reloaded and my problems continued. So, i used the SUBMIT STATE service. I supplied all the info i could gather, pop up addys and what they were for , what others programs had found and Exterminate had missed etc. Within 24 hours i received and email telling me they had updated there system and to download it. I rescanned the system and it deleted all the previous locked files.
Darksma and Vundo downloader trojans have not done their re appearing act since and my comp is running normal again.

It's worth remembering the addy or downloading it to see what it finds. I had no problems doing so in anyway with this program. They done what they said they would on there web site in under the time frame.


Administrator of Horse Racing Forums

File: gatorpatch.log

Location of gatorpatch.log and Associated Malware

Check whether gatorpatch.log is present in the following locations:

gatorpatch.log file locations that are Windows version independent:

  • C:\Windows\gatorpatch.log

If you find gatorpatch.log file in any of these locations, your computer is very likely to be infected with the following malware:

IMPORTANT: Malware files can be camouflaged with the same file names as legitimate files. The gatorpatch.log file is associated with malware only if found in the locations listed above.


Different Variations of gatorpatch.log File^

File SizeFile Md5Last Seen
1349918160EE078CBFEB751960E31543EB6A1May 11, 2010
12996C0B003EA3BC957952A7ABA4C96CCC326May 17, 2010
19542034D3B982982461DB1DFE95009A291F6May 24, 2010
129961DB819AFC551C8D4256D5FEE3FDCC3FCJun 5, 2010
19438526E5D8AF32DD410CD7D0A93BD38E4FCJun 7, 2010
189509FBD5C45D402C8F673F7828E4141464DJun 10, 2010
1211527AC6EC969A71011BC9C0A81CF63C558Jun 18, 2010
243519E36E8CCF0124CF7C62B07489EC6B45EJun 21, 2010
2329105A981A8EC8C17FC76F7FFED61ABF985Jun 21, 2010
19164048F936CB07DB84EAA5682D134708749Jun 29, 2010
2562E409274E5D4AA49CE0D18C3DF2D884BEJul 1, 2010
253292304C3BF415C49A64A0E3B9FC4EB268Jul 6, 2010
25628E0A6F517EF6BF6DD1A1E92840D6864CJul 13, 2010
25629D53BDFCD39B84AE9B02145F94097FD8Jul 28, 2010
20112A684E73BF5F24422200A157B41EA7212Aug 4, 2010
2596D8FE9AD3010AF6721EDBA271CC3567B0Aug 5, 2010
25541A5F61FA72FDF415BE2A0971F367B108Aug 18, 2010
23791E6AAA8B7F568458F72FE66647A195B0FAug 21, 2010
175263793DC77A5E80040D8E2E8A755C37D8BAug 28, 2010
23687CDFE309903B5F7BD38D151232E3258B1Sep 7, 2010
25729ED62CA3375ED096FFB4C9F69ABCEB97Sep 16, 2010
19278CF0640FED5F2256A1FF904331D9010A8Oct 3, 2010
192912321C41385008DDD1AE6E4142AA7B7BCOct 10, 2010
19253BDB4B5157EC29D1F3068C1390E623B8DOct 12, 2010
2606BCBC632CD469F7C365290DD54D175A78Oct 13, 2010
238164BACA9D61559CEA505DBCAB4A3C2A247Nov 3, 2010
184963F1328D7D3BC141EB87A1A260267B320Nov 4, 2010
25707517F2FB5291332B20DB2A774FEE0195Nov 15, 2010
194414470C162BD9A383270C3E76856C623BENov 16, 2010
23507074A3368BB1F8FFF7EAEC330C3190FBDNov 28, 2010
1921277F67DECEEA7C663CFC92031C4E0EC88Dec 2, 2010
191161C0FEE8814557F10E640DE7AEEEB67CFDec 19, 2010
19285A5BF9E2581E5A6592EEDCB66DF59450FDec 20, 2010
19351FFB1A567F313A915911D0056D129B573Dec 30, 2010
25628F390555B90DE367D2E5F60E8E8066A2Jan 30, 2011
19295F3DEA1CDFFA286741F6DDB77B64503B1Feb 26, 2011
180269F8EC56143AFADB7B0958D9259C42C86Mar 5, 2011
23858C5181D46BD88359070E3A982E4DCA4EBMar 27, 2011
1796186961D5F0536D0E47DA7991E19E90C53Apr 6, 2011
2377985B71D3D9A8E8F2733D74D42B5B84185May 1, 2011
23656754CF2873FCAD49E22F7EDBF45B14AD7May 11, 2011
19415D5D59526FDC34C091FD61371B4DF2353May 13, 2011
23818CAD7614181A0901F8842A7B464FBA502May 15, 2011
2414186C41F4105CA76595BF19D24C65FC0F5May 16, 2011
193277925A0AD0310E088B6E22B7775E48B6DMay 17, 2011
25801C4BC0E82B45B735D8CF87844AAE6C34Jun 10, 2011
13824D9B13944C6FA5916C824ABC302B73D96Jun 26, 2011
257157D234482E659345AC3DC44BA3DB8033Jul 3, 2011
20747E5A8B06AD29D85F476587C30EC32A4FEJul 14, 2011
2570F637F5257B8FE7CAE22C1C5762332F2AJul 20, 2011
19258BA0F451352ADA028E5BB48FCEC923BD0Jul 25, 2011
189786AEAE84BEA4DB5CC361AB3FE7125AD96Jul 28, 2011
23752D842DA0478DC98AB001F70B56523FC88Sep 6, 2011
2593540F1DEA88DE71C74342C3F8C92BE7F0Sep 9, 2011
2384113250014C1DED4D926CB2E4A09480D7BOct 22, 2011
2653360945285C37A24B25910B128A29FC73Oct 24, 2011
16714D5A080F978CB725C2B664853ADEF44DDOct 28, 2011
1930602B5F3C56456DF976BC57AE381CE9AE0Oct 28, 2011
19248C2294380057B9A0D766ABCA4B0FFCFB5Jan 22, 2012
2566D293CBE87539BD7291AC09906EBFA5B6Jan 26, 2012
2566323E0B2999C8934B2A011BCD42761042Mar 23, 2012
1930433E5A063220A119A3BBBB6E2621DAFA4Mar 23, 2012
2570F3241EAE50E631023B8B0990ADCDFECFMay 10, 2012
2602977780237D518ADEDD2345FD7147A090May 18, 2012
19247B9F6D2414EBEBCBF014F3127F613C5D7Jul 10, 2012
153682A3DC96EF1838C5B3200387E5769D5D0Sep 11, 2012
238027344739B9F6BC40F9D5B8D7D3859DE71May 5, 2015
25414608D9625129C34039976436BC6ED5F0Dec 26, 2009
208413753E065EE299C680FFB9BA33D47882DDec 28, 2009
193359CDFC488148035FD1C48D9C6CDAC9815Dec 31, 2009
25237290721E4FE7666BD6B32A92011FFC89Jan 6, 2010
24039DF3DCCFFFBA5F5084D66B8E954DA16DAJan 6, 2010
191338919D8F888DDF7BBF90E3B5806CDA907Jan 7, 2010
2559F0C28B1AB8B85BBB3D3FE84562FCB37BJan 11, 2010
25689590EE7EDC3FB1EA798A53690C4A12E2Jan 20, 2010
2626F21CEAAEA0F80F96693A0E32BE909662Jan 21, 2010
2564C10AB16860F3C96642B72A78E4CB5F6AJan 24, 2010
1929457737F9C190BFBA471F80D1FFC8306AEFeb 11, 2010
1848611776792540D83DF2B7AAA8B7351A015Mar 6, 2010
20799279E70C1F39114E3FB4B03CBE5C45E92Mar 9, 2010
26259BDA8D16060D75D1880199C9A3934BB7Mar 17, 2010
254237C71D1464668929B7D8FAE92ED063ECMar 29, 2010
1844946B86ADCEB227AAA35D59D03DE95BB50Apr 3, 2010

Why Is It Important to Remove Malware Files?^

It is imperative that you delete malware-associated files as soon as possible because they can be used - or are already being used - to inflict serious damage on your PC, including:

  • Disrupting the normal functioning of the operating system or rendering it completely useless.
  • Hijacking valuable private information (credit card numbers, passwords, PIN codes, etc.)
  • Directing all your Web searches to the same unwanted or malicious sites.
  • Dramatically slowing down your computer.
  • Gaining total control of your PC to spread viruses and trojans and send out spam.

How to Remove gatorpatch.log^

  1. To enable deleting the gatorpatch.log file, terminate the associated process in the Task Manager as follows:
    • Right-click in the Windows taskbar (a bar that appears along the bottom of the Windows screen) and select Task Manager on the menu.
    • In the Tasks Manager window, click the Processes tab.
    • On the Processes tab, select gatorpatch.log and click End Process.
  2. Using your file explorer, browse to the file using the paths listed in Location of gatorpatch.log and Associated Malware.
  3. Select the file and press SHIFT+Delete on the keyboard.
  4. Click Yes in the confirm deletion dialog box.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each location listed in Location of gatorpatch.log and Associated Malware.
  6. Notes:

    • The deletion of gatorpatch.log will fail if it is locked; that is, it is in use by some application (Windows will display a corresponding message). For instructions on deleting locked files, see Deleting Locked Files.
    • The deletion of gatorpatch.log will fail if your Windows uses the NT File System (NTFS) and you have no write rights for the file. Request your system administrator to grant you write rights for the file.

Deleting Locked Files^

You can delete locked files with the RemoveOnReboot utility. You can install the RemoveOnReboot utility from here.

After you delete a locked file, you need to delete all the references to the file in Windows registry.

To delete a locked file:

  1. Right-click on the file and select Send To -> Remove on Next Reboot on the menu.
  2. Restart your computer.

The file will be deleted on restart.

Note: In the case of complex viruses that can replicate themselves, malware files can reappear in the same locations even after you have deleted those files and restarted your computer. Exterminate It! Antimalware can effectively eradicate such viruses from your computer.

To remove all registry references to a gatorpatch.log malware file:

  1. On the Windows Start menu, click Run.
  2. In the Open box, type regedit and click OK. The Registry Editor window opens.
  3. On the Edit menu, select Find.
  4. In the Find dialog box, type gatorpatch.log. The name of the first found registry value referencing gatorpatch.log is highlighted in the right pane of the Registry Editor window.
  5. Right-click the registry value name and select Delete on the menu.
  6. Click Yes in the Confirm Value Delete dialog box.
  7. To delete all other references to gatorpatch.log, repeat steps 4-6.
IMPORTANT: Malware files can masquerade as legitimate files by using the same file names. To avoid deleting a harmless file, ensure that the Value column for the registry value displays exactly one of the paths listed in Location of gatorpatch.log and Associated Malware.