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A Big thanks to you people, who have developed this product. My Windows XP Media Center OS was infected with Win32.Renos, Backdoor, XPAntivirus, Xta.kill trojans, spyware as I use rapidshare links a lot. I have licensed McAfee, which is good for nothing and was unable to protect my laptop from these malwares. I tried trial version of Bit Defender, Sunbelt Spyware, Claim Win, A-Squared, but they were unable to do a complete detection and removal of malwares. Exterminate listed all the malwares and registry changes done by them, like task manager, registry edit was disabled. I bought a single PC license, activated, scanned my system thrice and my system is now free from all malwares and viruses and running absolutely fine. I still have to use Mcafee as I have a licensed version but buying Exterminate IT is a worth of £20 spent on it. I will recommend this to everyone who use P2P sites or rapidshare or torrents. Now, I dont have to worry about any malware as I have Exterminate in my system.

Rajkumar P.

File: chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal

Location of chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal and Associated Malware

Check whether chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal is present in the following locations:

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 specific chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal file locations:

  • C:\Documents And Settings\USER_NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage\chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal

Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 specific chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal file locations:

  • C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage\chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal

If you find chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal file in any of these locations, your computer is very likely to be infected with the following malware:

IMPORTANT: Malware files can be camouflaged with the same file names as legitimate files. The chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal file is associated with malware only if found in the locations listed above.


Different Variations of chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal File^

File SizeFile Md5Last Seen
464050DDF08694F9EEB8890CC00C5C135581Mar 29, 2014
16384A5C29DB3157EEE24C4B03400B62D03C5Apr 1, 2014
670431D4962AA604C7702BE87ADB32BFE32AApr 4, 2014
4640411AF932934D2D57E8AAA8A84E14AF42Apr 7, 2014
670426613FA488C0C4CD6306019657FFD415Apr 7, 2014
1638415DC77C98ECF0452CB578101D37F66F6Apr 9, 2014
8768BAACAA1798992BC8E809199119726987Apr 12, 2014
36088F4E0933106FB7410E10CE15DFFD742EApr 14, 2014
16384530FE5A335F6458DCBF559A34B31E4A9Apr 17, 2014
16384BCACC6CB9B7298F4B946B9E926CA3ADFApr 17, 2014
16384E51E01FF699CF1477BE34E5574DD13F5Apr 22, 2014
1638420538A7D0BEEC3F8BAB061623B05520FApr 23, 2014
163840CA83088FF34F2B30616A419ACEE93C8Apr 24, 2014
3608EC385424BCCDEF87742023E425C57D03Apr 24, 2014
16384CF259DBFF308CEE4197FA1A79D2BB5BAMay 6, 2014
36082FB2E74947E5B66DB418336ABC5F9640May 6, 2014
163846D82B432906F92160311BF795E1D01D8May 9, 2014
163841344511C37C7DE1A75F4B90F8ED47DC3May 17, 2014
16384223C6B9E0AA4C3C2F1BDBFD9427719B9May 20, 2014
1638401F9BA4211E21F0E6050BEB0E92F6692May 24, 2014
1638432C7544E35081D9CAB136034AD0C0F5BMay 26, 2014
16384BA34CD39E15099A0F49A236891A15823Jun 3, 2014
67043E1C2A88A3D5FBC996571410032A52D7Jun 6, 2014
46409CA3D826A1D093A4227DCF6DCAEF9AFCJun 12, 2014
163840BC9EDD5838EF6704092FEEDC1996D02Jun 12, 2014
163844F3B878865026858A96C6D13C8FB6779Jun 12, 2014
1638476216380188CDA5B73224B9465203A23Jun 26, 2014
16384963C90FDDE7937318A51DD222D92C116Jun 30, 2014
3608750B746DD9AA08410FAD7B0BDD69B2A0Jul 5, 2014
3608D669ABABE025EBDE5E581B358A52F4BCJul 5, 2014
1638411F56A85FF74BAC13E65A55D108A5CA3Jul 6, 2014
163845AB3BD31D696D678739340A0F1EBF581Jul 11, 2014
163849E22ADDBC38EE83E809983C69BA1033CJul 11, 2014
1638474A75F5ABF733AD4DFD288926AB0F488Jul 19, 2014
16384A25A743BCBB94163BD2F33697D73B5CFJul 22, 2014
16384A01DF77CED26CD27420174CD5FF8CD92Jul 26, 2014
773681D4D700C60F1536214EEF326A5F945DAug 2, 2014
163846D5079AEB0A8E0FCACC77760B278105DAug 3, 2014
36084A3A09EF7A35A5CD00EA1E8502CD6FA1Aug 7, 2014
16384E9AD937B41226ACD2CA6916A4A55E406Aug 11, 2014
163841ADFEAD75F6EC077FE3143E2CB9BD651Aug 18, 2014
16384725CA891D3E2FC00C2F423AE1EEE56BCAug 20, 2014
4640F7BCD2744DD7D75635E49E7AD5C829F8Aug 22, 2014
16384A2A13B692626E8F25D9E069BD7FB5AE9Aug 22, 2014
16384155E441FF87D049B231D56A1F96B36E4Aug 23, 2014
1638458295311FAD4D1BA7FB324731BAC0E50Aug 23, 2014
360877E8161747A71D68F46A1EBC245A26D8Aug 28, 2014
163844A643E10C192B48AB0A8F6FCCE822D67Aug 29, 2014
1638422B6CAB699AFF13310E9DF6AD33972F6Sep 8, 2014
16384427A1F3FEBDD0DF5F2D2D46DB40E9351Sep 8, 2014
163845DF44747FB66B6E51E7B97ED32B38A2ASep 10, 2014
16384A160CD7321787309373930E7C77443DCSep 16, 2014
163842794A365D6A2EBBA281340FE9E523DFASep 18, 2014
16384F3D24B2D1DB8F687267CBBBBD0B104B4Sep 18, 2014
16384C1165135C57382B27E5989739586D717Sep 19, 2014
16384F5936CC61C67A58D4E722166CC641402Oct 9, 2014
16384CF20D335A58EC1B6FDCE482FE6D80C7COct 25, 2014
16384CAABA4AEBC2B759DBA9DD34F80C0A219Nov 5, 2014
163843BE95DB64182853F5FF0933E285D7920Nov 8, 2014
163841980C2201E3363634E0AAF87D248D2DFNov 8, 2014
16384B2859C0AE683D93D46BC45EA27EBB020Nov 10, 2014
1638417ACF15959F0111AB8D5AA50DC05F764Dec 19, 2014
360854C0E5A8BED01D81F0E8117FE1EA776FJan 18, 2015
163845B2D4F671430E6CC1A40AC336C4FF5BFJan 27, 2015
16384D28DB0C548205EFA22AD875F510D5526Feb 7, 2015
16384ECF8222CF007680E18EBAE7B111EAA02Feb 21, 2015
46403585405EF65A7B2CC0A2120EF7166623Mar 6, 2015
16384048FB269B868DD40922E127BACAA6D22Jun 27, 2015
36087F98857C4B046E08D1ECC43C0F5A5EE9Jul 23, 2015
1638491BC17F12E0555A1D7C018D2A8C7427BOct 13, 2015
163844FC77D23D48A0FD05707078ED90675A9Oct 23, 2015
16384563E7675204975854FEB1AEB811061FAOct 26, 2015
670485D61064892B88D2DB8A402DC546C08DNov 8, 2015
3608A01D4257AB624192624B9DF07C53A61ENov 30, 2015
16384BE17D489FF7271267B87A060454CAC0FApr 28, 2016
16384D1A864EDFA3262CC1CE8CD77DD297555May 13, 2016
163843AA7AD21C130160AB4FF9334F666E57EMay 30, 2016
16384A5028097D044184B2EB645B6A25421AAMay 31, 2016
16384059425767EC2CF1E9B10D3FDDF807642Jul 14, 2016
16384E6D6F088DC1116382A2158A00CB214FDNov 28, 2016
56728634C72B5C606892F8559B7674921647Dec 11, 2016
1638415406A9261AD899B1D88F3ADBC6022BEDec 19, 2016
16384D097F939152AD1059CEDBF21153D2650Jan 6, 2017
163848E1426A587355927264FD98ADD5E7110Jan 27, 2017
5672F79D492CC88B89FA8BB9BDFA6E033264Feb 13, 2017
163847572CAC9FCCB2DDB4F10DCC1DDF3ABD4Apr 15, 2017
163842991DFD8D3407BB5B1482F0BB5F2E48AMay 5, 2017
16384F6DD9FD90369CC3A93C7EB1024AAEB44May 19, 2017

Why Is It Important to Remove Malware Files?^

It is imperative that you delete malware-associated files as soon as possible because they can be used - or are already being used - to inflict serious damage on your PC, including:

  • Disrupting the normal functioning of the operating system or rendering it completely useless.
  • Hijacking valuable private information (credit card numbers, passwords, PIN codes, etc.)
  • Directing all your Web searches to the same unwanted or malicious sites.
  • Dramatically slowing down your computer.
  • Gaining total control of your PC to spread viruses and trojans and send out spam.

How to Remove chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal^

  1. To enable deleting the chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal file, terminate the associated process in the Task Manager as follows:
    • Right-click in the Windows taskbar (a bar that appears along the bottom of the Windows screen) and select Task Manager on the menu.
    • In the Tasks Manager window, click the Processes tab.
    • On the Processes tab, select chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal and click End Process.
  2. Using your file explorer, browse to the file using the paths listed in Location of chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal and Associated Malware.
  3. Select the file and press SHIFT+Delete on the keyboard.
  4. Click Yes in the confirm deletion dialog box.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each location listed in Location of chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal and Associated Malware.
  6. Notes:

    • The deletion of chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal will fail if it is locked; that is, it is in use by some application (Windows will display a corresponding message). For instructions on deleting locked files, see Deleting Locked Files.
    • The deletion of chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal will fail if your Windows uses the NT File System (NTFS) and you have no write rights for the file. Request your system administrator to grant you write rights for the file.

Deleting Locked Files^

You can delete locked files with the RemoveOnReboot utility. You can install the RemoveOnReboot utility from here.

After you delete a locked file, you need to delete all the references to the file in Windows registry.

To delete a locked file:

  1. Right-click on the file and select Send To -> Remove on Next Reboot on the menu.
  2. Restart your computer.

The file will be deleted on restart.

Note: In the case of complex viruses that can replicate themselves, malware files can reappear in the same locations even after you have deleted those files and restarted your computer. Exterminate It! Antimalware can effectively eradicate such viruses from your computer.

To remove all registry references to a chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal malware file:

  1. On the Windows Start menu, click Run.
  2. In the Open box, type regedit and click OK. The Registry Editor window opens.
  3. On the Edit menu, select Find.
  4. In the Find dialog box, type chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal. The name of the first found registry value referencing chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal is highlighted in the right pane of the Registry Editor window.
  5. Right-click the registry value name and select Delete on the menu.
  6. Click Yes in the Confirm Value Delete dialog box.
  7. To delete all other references to chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal, repeat steps 4-6.
IMPORTANT: Malware files can masquerade as legitimate files by using the same file names. To avoid deleting a harmless file, ensure that the Value column for the registry value displays exactly one of the paths listed in Location of chrome-extension_jpmbfleldcgkldadpdinhjjopdfpjfjp_0.localstorage-journal and Associated Malware.