Exterminate It! Antimalware

Known threats:700,086 Last Update:March 16, 12:51


Exterminate It is just a superior product. I was having all kinds of problems with Zlob.Fam, MyWebSearch and TrojanSpy.Win32.DKS. Even Norton could not get rid of them. I tried all knids of ways to get rid of them and nothing worked. This save me so much time and as well as reformatting and recovering my PC.
Thank you so much and I will reccommend your product to all of friends.

Mark K.

I consider myself pretty good with a computer, but after 10 hours of trying to do this myself, the sysguard.exe whipped me. I couldn't find all the files and when I thought I had them all, they would replicate and play hide and go seek I have never endorsed a product in a comment, but if you want to rid yourself of this stuff, pay the $24.99 and download Exterminate-It It fixed my system in 5 minutes!

Mike T.

Just want to say that apparently your Exterminate It has worked like a charm. I was infected with a most troublesome Malware Trojan that kept replicating every time McAfee found, blocked and removed it... most annoying for several days... until Mr. Google led me to your door. What a God send!

With thanks,

Tom S.


Am I infected? How do I know?

These signs indicate that you’re in trouble:

  • Your search engine results are redirected.
  • You are receiving a lot of advertisement pop-ups in your Web browser, or they appear even when the Web browser is closed.
  • You receive notification from your firewall that some applications have attempted to connect to the Internet, although you did not initiate this.
  • You are experiencing longer start-up and shut-down times.
  • You got an unknown toolbar or button in your browser.
  • Your home page is hijacked.
  • Your computer works on its own, gets connected to the Internet and sends e-mails without your permission.
  • Your system works slower than usual and encounters frequent errors and shut-downs.
  • You are having problems opening Web pages with your browser and downloading data from Web pages.
  • You notice unknown and weird processes in the running task lists.
  • Your computer installs unknown software without asking you.
  • Your computer gets remotely connected by other users without your permission.
  • Your Web browser frequently closes for no apparent reason.
  • Your system shows a loss of hard disk space.

Why it’s important to be clean?
When infected:
  • Criminal users can STEAL your personal and confidential information like passwords or credit card numbers! Get your private stuff protected!
  • Your instant messaging can be monitored!
  • Your computer can become a zombie and will perform remote commands!
  • Computers like yours can consolidate into a net that will be used for performing unlawful and illegal activities like mass site attacks.
  • Your computer can be used for implementing illegal activities like cracking bank accounts or sites. Do you want to become a criminal?
  • You can get a personal or brand new virus that won’t be detected by any antivirus software. By using the “Submit State” feature of Exterminate It, you can send the information about the current state of your PC. Within 24 hours we will diagnose this information and produce a database update that will resolve your specific virus problems.
  • Your computer can become a source of infection. You can just infect friends with a regular e-mail. Do not be a menace to others!
I have several computers, how many licenses do I need?

You need to purchase a separate license for each computer. You can simplify this task by purchasing a pack for three or more licenses.

Can Exterminate It! Web site access my credit card information during payment processing?

Absolutely no. Credit card processing is done only by MyCommerce.com (former RegNow.com). This company is a world leader in e-commerce processing services. This also means that you buy on a secure server, which encrypts all customer personal information including name, address, and credit card number. Encryption effectively prevents unauthorized access to or use of your personal information.

What features are available in the non-activated version of Exterminate It!?

All, except the virus removal feature. Detection, Submit State, Update, all this functionality is available in the non-activated version.

If Exterminate It! failed to remove malware from my computer, can I get a refund?

Yes, sure. Exterminate It! comes with a full money-back guarantee.

What are false positive detections? Are there any in the Exterminate It! database?

False positive detection (also known as false detection and false alarm) occurs when an antivirus program mistakenly labels an innocent file as being infected. All antivirus / antimalware programs experience false detection incidents. We are doing our best to avoid them in Exterminate It! False detections, once confirmed, are corrected as soon as possible.

Please note that false positive as a technique can be used by rogue applications to trick users, so be careful.

Always check http://www.spywarewarrior.com/rogue_anti-spyware.htm before purchasing antivirus software.

Why Exterminate It! is not free? I believe that all antivirus / antimalware should be free!

Good question. The running of Curio Laboratories, the updating of the database, and the processing of “Submit State” requests involve certain overhead. It is our firm belief that only a pay product can defeat malware development, which is a well-paid industry. At the start of the malware war, donation-based companies managed to fend off virus attacks. These days it would be really hard for anti-virus software providers to keep up a good fight merely on donations: malware writers are spawning hundreds of viruses by the day. The Exterminate It! team works hard to provide you with up-to-date protection. The daily growing malware tumor needs to be curbed. At the end of the day, it’s your decision whether your own security is worth voting with money for. We appreciate your choice.

Are Cookies Safe?

Cookies are simple pieces of data. They are harmless and pose no threat to private user information because they cannot perform any operations themselves. Cookies are used to store various information, for example, users’ surfing habits and preferences.

When a user visits a Web site, that site sends cookies to the browser, which saves them on the user’s computer. When the user visits the site again, the cookies are sent back to the site. This way the website maintains user’s state between visits.

How to run Exterminate It! on scheduled basis?

Easiest way is using of Windows Scheduled Tasks. With Scheduled Tasks, you can schedule Exterminate It! to run at the time that you specify when you create the task.

In Windows Xp / Vista / 7 go to Start menu: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Scheduled Tasks or Task Scheduler.

In Windows 8 press WIN key + Q and type Scheduler -> Click on Task Scheduler icon.

To schedule a Exterminate It! do the following:

  • Double-click Add Scheduled Task item to start the Scheduled Task Wizard; click Next in the first dialog box.
  • In Windows 7 / 8 go to Action Menu -> Create Basic Task
  • The next dialog box displays a list of all programs that are installed on your computer. Click the Exterminate It! item, and then click Next.
  • Type a name for the task (it will be Exterminate It! by default), and then choose one of the following options: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, One time only, When my computer starts, When I log on.
  • Click Next, specify the information about the day and time to run the Exterminate It!, and then click Next. Day and time information at this screen depending on the option you choosed in the previous wizard dialog box.
  • Type the name and password of the user who is associated with this task (currently logged on user by default). Selected user should have sufficient permissions to run the program. Click Next button.
  • Verify the choices that you have made and click Finish button. Created task will appear in the list.

You can double-click Exterminate It! task and modify task parameters any time if it is necessary.

You can use the following Exterminate It! command-line arguments (only one command-line argument can be used at a time):

  • -runscan forces Exterminate It! application to perform scanning only.
  • -scanremoveall forces Exterminate It! application to remove all elements found during scan.

You could combine runscan and scanremoveall with these commandline arguments:

  • -silent scanning without notifying the user;
  • -force-close close the software after the scan;
  • -scan-log FilePath save scan results into FilePath file.
Why Exterminate It! cannot get connected to the Internet?

Sometimes, it is possible that Exterminate It! cannot get connected to the Internet. There are several possible reasons for that:

  • your firewall settings prevent the application from accessing the Internet;
  • some spyware blocks the software’s access to the Internet;
  • your computer does not have network adapter, and so on.

Follow this link if you need more information on how to modify Internet connection settings.

How do I install the latest updates in offline mode?

You need to download Exterminate It! from the following location using a computer, that is connected to the Internet:

This version of Exterminate It! installation includes all the latest updates.

After the download is complete, you can store the ExterminateItSetupFull.exe installation file on the flash drive or burn it on a CD and then run it on the computer that cannot get connected to the Internet.

Before the installation, you must exit the Exterminate It! application if it is active.

During the installation process, you will be asked about the folder into which Exterminate It! should be installed. Please specify the folder where the previous version of the Exterminate It! application was installed. Any outdated files will be overwritten with new ones.

How do I use the Submit State feature when Exterminate It! is working in offline mode?

Do the following:

  • Click Submit State button.
  • Provide a description of your problem (if some malware has been detected by some other anti-spyware application that you are using and Exterminate It! has failed to detect this malware, please provide the detection log of the other antispyware program in the description field as well).
  • Click Send button.

If your computer cannot get connected to the Internet or Exterminate It! is working in offline mode, an error message will be displayed. Please do the following if you need to complete the Submit State procedure:

  • Locate the sstate.log file in the Exterminate It! application folder.
  • Copy the sstate.log file to some removable storage device such as a flash drive, a floppy disc, or a CD.
  • From the computer that is connected to the Internet,
    go to the http://www.exterminate-it.com/offline-submitstate.
  • Follow the instructions on the page.

How do I activate Exterminate It! if it is working in offline mode?

Do the following:

  • Launch the Exterminate It! application.
  • Click Activate button.

An activation form will be displayed.