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Known threats:700,086 Last Update:March 16, 12:51


My browser was taking 10 to 15 seconds to load up instead of being instant. Three of the top anti spyware programs insisted all was well. However a few simple instructions from your team and the problem was magically solved.

Nelson S.
Dec 9, 02:28 pm

Exterminate It! 2.00 ChangeLog

Finally Exterminate It! 2.0 is here!

We listened to all your complains and recommendations and made a huge improvement literally moving the software to a whole new level! But the work still goes and we will do our best to give you a new, better and improved version of Exterminate It! in future!

For now let’s see, what we have new:

  1. New scanning interface with new scan modes, such as:
    • Memory Scan – the fastest one, scanning only files in memory, which means that if the virus is currently active it will be located and eliminated as fast as possible;
    • Smart Scan – a type of scan pointed at effectiveness and checking the most vulnerable parts of your system using System Heuristic methods;
    • Full Scan – the most complete scan of your system also using System Heuristic methods;
    • Custom Scan – a scan that allows you to choose parts of the system that need to be scanned. The System Heuristic methods are enabled automatically when you choose “most likely to infect” option.
  2. We made a huge update on virus and malware database, so from now on we can detect nearly all possible threats.
  3. More frequent database updates: few times per day, instead of a daily update in the previous version.
  4. The ability to fix infected files instead of deleting them.
  5. Bootsector scan added.
  6. The ability to choose drive, external drive or folder for scanning in the Custom Scan mode.
  7. The update can now resume download if it was terminated for some reason.
  8. A scan log with all the scan results is now available after the scanning is finished.
  9. New commandline options for the scan:
    • silent – scanning without notifying the user;
    • force-close – close the software after the scan;
    • scan-log – save scan results into another file.