Exterminate It! Antimalware

Known threats:700,086 Last Update:March 16, 12:51



Thanks so much for your help. For now, this seemed to have solved the problem and found all the infected files. I'll keep you updated, as I know this virus can be very hard to kill.

Thanks a million.


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License Reselling

You can resell Exterminate It! licenses if you are an owner of the Exterminate It! multilicense package. You can sell licenses that are not used yet to your customers. Such procedure is known as transfer of license.

Procedure is very simple. You can receive payment from the customer and then transfer one or more licenses through our License Transfer Page. At that page you need to enter name and E-Mail address of the customer (transferee). The number of transferred licenses will be deducted from the whole number of licenses in your Exterminate It! multilicense package. Also new activation code will be generated with customer’s name and E-Mail address.

Transferee will receive E-Mail message with registration information and will be able to activate its Exterminate It! product at own computer with newly generated activation code.

You are only limited with the number of licenses that are not used yet. You cannot transfer Exterminate It! license, which was already activated. For example: you cannot buy 1 PC Exterminate It! product, install it at own computer and than transfer the license to another person.

Let’s review calculations. You can buy 10 PCs multilicense package. It costs $99.99, i.e. $9.99 per license. Now you can sell each license for $20. It is less then $24.99, which is a usual cost of one Exterminate It! license on our website. Therefore, your customers should be interested in such purchase. So, your earnings will be $20 * 10 – $99.99 = $100.01, i.e. $10 per license.

NOTE: If you want to resell Exterminate It! licenses, then you need to process customers’ payments by your own means.